Water Sport - Towables

Pakoštane Water Sports offers you the best way to enjoy the summer and the sea


Have fun on the inflatable Crazy UFO, doughnut-like flying saucer pulled by a speed boat.

It is suitable for all ages as it can go slowly and smoothly or fast and more adrenaline filled, while the ride is always safe.

The riders experience the impression of G forces pulling them while riding over the waves. Crazy UFO capacity is 6+2 people.


Aqua Speed is one of the most comfortable towables as it is a light, impressive sofa that goes steady on the waves.

It takes up to 4 riders for a smooth and safe ride on both waves and calm sea surface which makes it a great choice for those who want a bit less adrenaline filled water sports experience.


Galaxy Twister provides all its riders with a sea view as they are seated facing the sea on this round towable while sitting comfortably as on a sofa.

It has high back rest and wide outside vision for clear view of the sea and it spins during the ride on the waves thus enabling everyone on it to get the 360° view.

Great fun for both children and adults.


Flyfish banana boat gives you the chance to both ride the waves and fly in the air above the surface.

Flat rubber boat, a flyfish, is pulled by a speed boat and together with the wind it makes big jumps off the sea surface making it an unforgettable experience.

High quality safety equipment guarantees that you'll have a safe and carefree water sport experience.


Donut shaped rubber boat is an adrenaline fun for one person.

During the ride, you can either sit in it or, if you are looking for more thrills, lie on top of the rubber boat that is being pulled by a speed boat.

Being this close to the sea surface gives you the feeling of speed. It is suitable for both adults and children.

Let Pakoštane Water Sports make your stay memorable and fun!